Abraham Lincoln

– Abraham Lincoln was known on occasion to visit Winchester. Probably the most well known visit in August 1854 when Abraham Lincoln gave his first speech on the Kansas-Nebraska act in the upper room of the old Scott County courthouse. In 1923 a dedication ceremony was held on the square in Winchester commemorating Lincoln’s famous speech with a stone plaque.

– Lincoln was also known to have visited Winchester when he was practicing law. Another plaque dedicated in 1923 marks where a tree once stood near the Aiken Tavern. The tavern is where Lincoln was known to have been a guest.

Scott County Courthouse

– Located just off of Winchester square, the Scott County courthouse was erected in 1885 by Mathers & Buckinham builders. The Scott County courthouse contains genealogical records dating back to 1839. Inside you will find many newspaper clippings and old pictures from as far back as the 1800’s. Our courthouse is also handicap accessible.

Stephen A. Douglas

– Stephen A. Douglas arrived in Scott County in 1833. He taught school in Winchester for one term and left to become a U.S. Senator and loosing candidate to Abraham Lincoln.

– A monument weight 17,200 lbs was erected in the Winchester town square and dedicated July 5, 1930. Engraved on the statue are his last words: “Tell my children to obey the laws and support the Constitution of the United States”.