About Scott County Development Corporation

Since 1969, the Scott County Development Corporation (SCDC) has been driving economic development in Scott County and its lively communities. We dedicate ourselves to creating opportunities for businesses and industries, fostering an environment of innovation, growth and prosperity.

At SCDC, we are committed to empowering businesses through various strategic initiatives to fuel their success. Our core offerings include:

  • Low-interest loans tailored to support startup and expansion projects.
  • Financing seminars available to equip participants with the insights needed for effective project planning and execution.
  • Pro-business partnerships forged with local governments, creating a supportive environment for your business to succeed.

Realizing Potential Through Collaboration

Our collaboration with organizations like the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation (JREDC) amplifies the impact of our initiatives. Through this partnership, businesses gain access to a trained and professional economic development staff dedicated to their success.

  • Access to economic development staff opens doors for businesses in Scott County. 
  • Collaborative approach with the JREDC to attract and support businesses.

At SCDC, we believe in the power of partnerships, knowledge and financial support to drive your business forward. Join us in shaping the future of Scott County’s economic landscape. Explore the possibilities, unlock your potential and thrive with us!

About Scott County, Illinois & Our History

Scott County Court House

Scott County, Illinois, boasts a rich history that echoes the pioneering spirit of its early settlers. Established in 1839, Scott County honors General Winfield Scott, a distinguished military leader known for his concern for subordinates and expertise as a tactician. The region, initially inhabited by Native American communities, witnessed an influx of European settlers drawn by the promise of fertile land and abundant opportunities.

The 19th century marked a dynamic growth and transformation period for Scott County. As pioneers staked their claim to the land, communities sprang to life, shaping the county’s identity. Agriculture emerged as a cornerstone of the local economy, with vast expanses of farmland painting the landscape. Scott County became a hub of agricultural innovation, contributing significantly to the region’s prosperity.

Today, the county stands as a testament to resilience, growth and the enduring spirit of its people, inviting all to explore its history and contribute to the ongoing story of this vibrant Illinois community.