Logistics Advantage: Scott County’s Ideal Location for Efficient Distribution Networks

Scott County has the potential to be a distribution hub with affordable real estate and proximity to commercial hubs as the epicenter of Illinois distribution between Missouri and Indiana. Other major markets throughout the Midwest and rapidly growing South Central U.S. are within an eight-hour drive. Scott County is within one day’s drive of 50% of U.S. manufacturers. Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis are all well within 270 miles of Scott County. 

Distance from Scott County, Illinois

Distance To:From Scott County, IL:
St. Louis, MO90 miles
Chicago, IL256 miles
Kansas City, KS260 miles
Indianapolis, IN266 miles
Des Moines, IA286 miles
Milwaukee, WI332 miles
Louisville, KY335 miles
Memphis, TN374 miles
Cincinnati, OH375 miles
Omaha, NE379 miles
Nashville, TN384 miles
Tulsa, OK456 miles
Wichita, KS461 miles
Minneapolis, MN496 miles


Scott County has remarkable roadway connectivity to the east, north and south via its frontage on I-72 and proximity to I-55 (less than 55 miles). From this location, suppliers and consumers in St. Louis is only 90 minutes away and those in Chicago are within a four-hour drive.

And even this will shorten with the completion of the ongoing U.S. Route 67 expansion from the Quad Cities to St. Louis. If a proposed expansion of Missouri’s U.S. Route 36 connecting to I-72 becomes a reality, Scott County will be squarely in the distribution center west through Missouri and east through Indiana. A total of 24 Interstate and eight Intrastate motor freight carriers operate out of the nearby Jacksonville Region (less than 20 miles), also served by three motor freight terminals.

Interstate 72 (Springfield, IL Route)LocalEast/West
U.S. 67LocalNorth/South
Route 100LocalNorth/South
Route 106LocalEast/West
Interstate 55 (Chicago, IL Route)55 milesNorth/South
Interstate 70 (Kansas City, KS Route)75 milesEast/West
Interstate 64 (Louisville, KY Route)85 miles East/West
Interstate 44 (Oklahoma City, OK Route)106 milesEast/West