Scott County Development Corporation Unveils New Digital Gateway to Economic Growth

Scott County Development Corporation Unveils New Digital Gateway to Economic Growth Main Photo

1 Apr 2024

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
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Kristin Jamison

New Website Spotlights Scott County’s Strategic Advantages and Open Arms to Businesses and Residents

WINCHESTER, IL -- The Scott County Development Corporation (SCDC), in a significant step towards fostering economic growth and attracting new businesses, proudly announces the launch of its new website: This digital platform, created in partnership with Golden Shovel Agency, is designed to showcase Scott County, Illinois, as a prime location for business development and expansion, emphasizing its small-town advantages and strategic location.

The new website mirrors the user-friendly design of its economic development partner, the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation (JREDC), offering easy access to essential data and information for potential business developers and residents. “Our primary goal with this website was to make information readily accessible to those interested in the opportunities Scott County has to offer,” said Kristin Jamison, JREDC President. “It’s about providing a window into the many advantages of doing business in Scott County, from its strategic location to its commitment to support growth and success.”

Scott County Development Corporation and Scott County share a vision of stimulating economic growth within the region. “Attracting new business and industry is crucial for our community’s vitality,” said Pat VanDeVelde, SCDC President. “Despite being a smaller county, we believe in the vast potential and opportunities available here for development.”

The website prioritizes features such as site selection and business attraction, highlighting Scott County’s accessible interstate and highways, and proximity to major markets like Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. The SCDC works closely with local and state governments to maintain momentum in economic development, leveraging these advantages to appeal to potential investors and businesses.

This launch is a pivotal moment for SCDC’s marketing efforts. “Having a vibrant, informative website is crucial in making a strong first impression on site selectors, businesses considering expansion, and job seekers,” VanDeVelde remarked. “For too long, the absence of an active website has been a gap in our marketing strategy. This new website not only fills that gap but does so with an emphasis on the successes of our local businesses and the potential for future development.”

Scott County may be characterized by its small communities, but each is described as proud and committed to ensuring a welcoming environment for business success. The new website is a testament to this commitment, inviting businesses and individuals alike to explore what Scott County has to offer.

You can view the newly designed website at


SCOTT COUNTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is dedicated to promoting economic growth and development in Scott County, Illinois. Working in collaboration with local and state governments, SCDC aims to attract new businesses and support existing ones, capitalizing on the county’s strategic location and community assets to foster a vibrant economic environment.

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